скидки на гофрокарто

Discounts on corrugated cardboard in Ukraine

Our company provides good discounts on corrugated cardboard. We produce sheet corrugated white and brown. Corrugated cardboard three-layer brands Kg / T20 / T21 / T22 / T23 / T24 / T25 in profile B and C. Corrugated cardboard five-layer sheet brands P30 / P31 / P32 / P33 / P34 / P35 in the pro? Le sun and the EU

We produce corrugated cardboard sheet five-layer brown color from 3000 square meters.

This corrugated cardboard is made in Ukraine from waste paper. Corrugated cardboard. By production of this corrugated cardboard starch glue are applied thanks to what this corrugated cardboard is allowed for application in the food industry in difference from the corrugated cardboard made on the basis of silicate glue. We carry out the delivery of corrugated cardboard both on the territory of Ukraine and for export to any country with the provision of all necessary documents and certificates. All corrugated cardboard can be made only on order from 3000 square meters.

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